Jul 11, 2010

An Open Letter to My Haters

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Dear Haters,
I am perfectly aware you hate me, BELIEVE me I am. Just because I smile at you and engage you in conversation, does not mean you can go to my friends and talk shit about me because you think I don't know. I do this for a few reasons 1) it's going to piss you off THAT much more. 2) I really don't care that you hate me and 3) I have enough friends that don't talk shit about me, that I don't need you. You see, my parents raised me to be polite even when there's nothing more I'd like to do then rip your eyes out and tell you exactly how I feel. But I don't do this because it won't do me any good, I know there is NOTHING I can do to make you change your mind about me. You can continue to hate me for whatever reason you hate me, but the minute you start saying something about me being a bad mom, all bets are off. Y'all have said it in the past and I've ignored it because really? I'm the bad mom because I go out a few times a month and leave my children WITH THEIR FATHER?! The man who has fathered BOTH my children and I'm STILL married to? I know it's a new concept for you, being married to a man for 17 years and all, but it's true. And all your shit talking isn't going to change that. You're even welcome to call my husband and tell him I flirt with other men if you'd like. Sadly for you, he won't be pissed off because he already knows.I'm just letting you all know so there is no misunderstanding when I go off on you the next time you decide to question my mothering abilities.

Oh and that rumor you all keep talking about? I will neither deny it nor will I confirm it. Why? Because it cracks me up that you think I slept with him. You can whisper behind my back ALL you want and glare at me when I walk into a room, it isn't going to stop me from having a good time. You are even welcome to talk tell everyone I talk to that I'm a thief and all I do is try to scam men for free drinks. They already know! Men know what goes on at bars, they aren't stupid and they don't need you protecting them. Also? I'm a fun person and whomever I talk to will realize you're an ugly jealous person fairly quickly.

Thank you for making my life interesting though. It's never a dull moment when y'all are around.
Beautiful Mess

Jul 1, 2010


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It is really difficult to find time to blog AND do homework, feels like it's either one or the other. I'm a little ahead in homework, which is why I can blog. I read most of my blogs last night so now I can blog. YAY!!!

I ended up with 2 B's last term! Not OK! I knew I was going to get a B in writing, but I was NOT expecting a B in health. When I went back for summer term, I asked her about my grade and it turns out that she didn't count an essay I wrote. All I had to do was turn that in and she bumped my grade up to an A WOOOHOOO!! That made my GPA go up to 3.92, MUCH happier about that. Although, I do have to give myself props for NOT freaking out about my 2 B's. I was upset, obviously but I didn't end up in the corner in the fetal rocking back and forth crying. I say that's success!

This term is going GREAT! I love all my classes. I haven't even whined once when the weather is nice and I had to go to class. That's a lot of love for my classes!

I think I'm going to make some changes as far as school goes. My plan was to bust through fall term so I could apply to the nursing program in February, but I think I might wait. The nursing program I was going to apply too is really hard to get in and it's only offered every other year, but it's only a 2 year program. I think a 4 year program at a university will benefit me more. It'll be more work and difficult, but I think it will pay off in the end. There are about 3 colleges I want to go too, but I haven't made a concrete decision yet. I'm thinking Oregon State University because I know there are some fertility clinics in the area and I might be able to get to know the people that work there and at least get a toe in the door. But then again Portland State University has an AMAZING nursing program, so I just have no idea. I need to do some more research. BAH! Any advice?

So, we've been tryin to buy this damn house down the street for 7 months now and we're closer then we've ever been, so exciting! All of our bids are in, signed in blood, itemized just how Fannie Mae likes it. Our Realtor is a dumbass, our 2nd extension was approved but the 3rd wasn't because we asked for an extension until the 10th, apparently that's a weekend and the government doesn't work on the weekends. So we had to put in ANOTHER one, which was approved (thank Goddess) but shouldn't our Realtor know that? Then my dad had to call her yesterday because if the extension wasn't approved by 5pm, we would have been shit out of luck. She never called us, we had to call her. I can NOT wait until I don't have to talk to this woman again, she is seriously dumb as a box of rocks and has NO idea what she is doing. I dislike her.....a lot!

That's pretty much it on my end. Hope ya'll are doing well. Miss you all SO much!

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