Jun 11, 2010

Real Quick....

Musings of A Beautiful Mess
...because I'm suppose to be studying. Today is my final FINAL!!! Awwww yeah! I have a whole! week! off! before I start summer school. I'm hoping the classes I chose are pretty low key so I will be able to have some sort of summer, if not....oh well. I've had a lot of summers off, it's time to not have a summer off.

As of yesterday, I have an A in two classes. I took my medical terminology final on Tuesday, got an A on it and an A in the class...w00tz! Thursday was my math final and I was crawling out of my skin all day long! I was going over my notes, reworking equations, and freaking out. As I was taking the test my mind went blank, I didn't panic, took some deep breaths and did what I knew and the others came to me. Not as much as I would have liked, but a B+ on a math final is just fine with me. Honestly I could have gotten a D on that test and still ended up with an A, thankfully that didn't happen and I secured a 94%...not to bad, I say!

I'm going to switch topics here real quick because I'd like to know what ya'll think. There is a little boy Kyron Horman, 7 years old who went missing almost a week ago and there is a state wide search for this little guy. He's 7 years old and his school didn't notify his parents he wasn't in class, so nobody knew he was missing until almost 4PM. Obviously there are rumors flying around about his disappearance, but that isn't what I want to discuss. I've heard a lot of talk about blaming his school, his mother, his step mother, and many many others. I can't blame anyone, I don't know what happened to this little boy. What I do know, is that this whole situation is making me sick to my stomach. I can't even tell you how many times I've cried watching the news or reading FB updates. I don't want to turn this into "what if that were my kid", but I also can't help it.

Kyron is about the same age as Zilla and this could EASILY, too easily, be my kid. Not only because of Kyron's and Zilla's age, but because he went missing at school. That almost happened to us not very long ago when we found Zilla in the parking lot at his school. When I raised a stink about it, I wasn't taken seriously. I ended up dropping it because nobody was helping me and Dirty and I just made sure to tell Zilla to stay by the front of the school and be there to pick him up before it got to crowded at the school. We've had many conversations with Zilla about who he's to go home with and who he isn't, especially since he's been asking about Kyron.

The one thing I do know is that the school screwed up, not only with Zilla but also with Kyron. It IS the school's job to make sure the children that attend there are safe. I get it, they have a lot of children, believe me I get that. That doesn't take away the fact that the schools are responsible for the children while they are in attendance there. They are responsible for their safety during school hours and to make sure they have a safe way to get home. If a child walks home, the teachers should be aware of that, if a child is being picked up by a parent or someone else in a vehicle, the teachers should know this as well. The children should have a designated area to wait and if they are 6 years old, they should NOT be walking around the DAMN parking lot. Obviously this is my view on it, but no only because I found my kid almost in the parking lot, but because of Kyron. Do you KNOW how easily it would have been for someone to take my son? Nobody would have know until I couldn't find him. That thought right there makes me want to throw up. Ya'll would be seeing me and Dirty on every damn news channel begging for my child to come home. I don't want that to be me or my life, obviously. But the similarities are just TOO close for me to just ignore them. Here's where I need your help, I need you to tell me if this thought is a rational one or if I'm overacting. I want to write the principal at Zilla's school an email. I want to tell him the reason why I freaked out on them December was because bad stuff can and DOES happen to children. I want to tell him that the way his school does pick up is ridiculous, its unorganized and nobody knows where they belong. I'm almost tempted to have someone who isn't on Zilla's pick up list to get him from school, but I'm pretty sure that would just back fire in my face. I already shot myself in the foot one time, don't really need to do it again. All I want is for the principal that his school is immune from this shit because it isn't. Just because we live in a small city doesn't mean we don't have perverts living here, because sadly we do. All I know if something happens to one of my kids and the school could have done something to prevent it, ya'll are gonna see my on the national news...

So do you think I should write the email or am I over thinking this whole thing? Be honest, brutally even. OK, I'm off to study for my final. I will be back later and read through and comment on blogs! OMG I am SO behind. Miss ya'll!

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GeekByMarriage on June 11, 2010 at 10:33 AM said...

I've had to let soooo many school fuck ups slide. Do what you feel you need to, my love.

Kick that tests ASS!!!!

Quiet Dreams on June 11, 2010 at 2:40 PM said...

Hmmm...not sure what I'd do about the email. I think if it is business-like (polite) you will have a better chance of them actually taking it seriously.

Woot! for another semester in the books!

Jamie on June 11, 2010 at 4:45 PM said...

Good luck on your final!! I hope you are able to enjoy a ~little~ bit of the summer around your classes.

It is absolutely horrifying what has happened to Kyron. It seems like you should feel like you child is safe when they're at school. Surely that isn't just me?!?!

As an avid letter writer myself - I say write the letter then sleep on it. Reread it the next day once you have let all those emotions out and gotten some good sleep and then see how you feel. Definitely don't send it as soon as you write it.

Kristin on June 11, 2010 at 7:25 PM said...

I definitely think you should write an email, maybe even a letter to the editor, or, better yet, contact a local news station. People need to know this isn't a one time screw up.

Huge congrats on wrapping up the semester.

Mugsy on June 11, 2010 at 10:19 PM said...

I second Jamie's response. And Happy Summer break!!!

Anonymous said...

You should totally write a letter and cite this story as an example of what could have happend to YOUR boy!

Anonymous said...

We've already discussed this and you know I'm all for the email. I agree though that it should be polite and simply state your feelings/opinions and provide examples (Like Kyron) to support your points. You have every right to let them know your concerns and hopefully it will help in pushing them to make a better pick up system!

Congrats on your grades!!! You so rock!!:-) XOXO

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the great grades!

With that little boy and your son the schools screwed up. When a kid isn’t in class the parents should be called immediately. And no child should be left in a parking lot alone. Shame on those schools!!

Send the email to the principal and the school board, not just the principal. That person will just brush this aside. Those emails should be on your school districts wed site. Tell everyone! Let us know how it goes. Good luck!


CanadianMama on June 21, 2010 at 2:16 PM said...

I miss you too (but totally understand why it's like to have NO time right now). How did your finals go? How is summer school looking?

Dolli-Mama on June 21, 2010 at 6:55 PM said...

Wow. That is very scary, and I think that if you feel you need to write the letter, now is a good time to do it. If they are going to change the pick-up policy, they would have a few months to come up with a new pick-up. Then they could start using it in the fall. Go for it!
I hope finals went well!

MAK-now on June 22, 2010 at 9:12 AM said...


It's been so long. I'm just getting back into the blogging swing of things since having the baby. Let me just say your blog looks wonderful! I'm so excited to hear that school is going so well. Great job, sis! As for the school mix-up, I can't even go there. I'm one of those chix who had nightmares about her baby being taken from the hospital by some psycho posing as a nurse. Thinking about the other nightmares out there is too much for me right now.

Anyway, wanted to say hey.

p.s. Hope your final went well!!!

Alana on June 27, 2010 at 9:24 PM said...

Catching up...

--Glad your hand has healed!

--Awesome that your self-confidence (and libido...giggles) are up!

--WAY cool that you continue to KICK ASS with your school work!

--I'd recommend getting the opinion of other parents. If you can approach the principal with a list of concerned parents, he's likely to take you more seriously. But I LOVE that you are standing up for what you think is best. :)

Serendipity on July 1, 2010 at 5:37 AM said...

much much belated good luck, I hope your final went well and belated huge congrats on your other results - YAY!

So glad your hand is doing well, and you are NOT behing irrational about the school, I hope that whatever you decided to do worked out for you - if it had been me I would have raised holy hell, kids go missing far too often and imo schools do have to carry responsibility for the kids under their care.

Just wanted to quickly say hi and that I'm thinking of you.

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