May 23, 2008

My cure for my pissy mood

Musings of A Beautiful Mess
As I stated before and MANY of the people in my life know this..I am very addicted to Jason Mraz. It isn't just the fact that he can sing, play a guitar and looks REALLY great in jeans ;o) It has mostly to do with his lyrics and the way he sings them. There is no doubt this man is a VERY talented artist.

So this morning I was woken up by 2 children screaming and wrestling around in the kitchen. Not a fun way to wake up. I was unhappy, to say the least. The children in question KNEW I was sleeping and it wasn't my turn to wake up with them and take them to school. It was my "day off". Of course this little bit of information didn't stop them from being little brats. So I fly out of bed and not so quietly tell them to stop and get on with what they need to be doing. I did that "mommy voice" thing. The one where we clench our jaws and talk through our teeth, but somehow it's really loud and gravely and the kids KNOW it's time to do whatever we say. Much like a lion would quietly roar and you just know you better walk away..FAST! The children scatter and they get their stuff done and are off to school without a care in the world. not knowing that waking me up with screaming makes me unhappy. It puts me in a very bad mood.

I grab a cup of coffee, get Zilla settled and sit in front of my computer. I immediately play Jason Mraz's new album. This man's voice and songs ALWAYS fixes my foul mood. This time was no exception. I look up lyrics to make sure the song I am singing *poorly* will at least be correct. I could do the man a favor by not murdering the lyrics. Just everything else ;o) So I'm listening and watching videos and in about 10 minutes I feel myself smiling and my pissy mood is GONE!

So now if Zilla comes up to me and asks me for something, he won't get his head bitten off.

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