Jul 2, 2008

Giving it to God

Musings of A Beautiful Mess
We all have situations in our lives that we just can't do anything about. We can't change the outcome, no matter how BADLY we want too. There are certain situations you can change. For instance, you buy a dress you just can't live without. You get home and you realize you can, in fact live without it. You could have used the money toward something useful like pay a bill or something "responsible" like that. You return the dress, feeling a mix of emotions, but still knowing it's the right choice to take the dress back.

In regards to my last post about being a woman and how complicated it is, I have decided to give it to God. There is not a damn thing I can do about what is going on with my body. I can go to the doctor, yes. I can treat my body kindly. I can put healthy foods in it, instead of junk. I can exercise more often. Both of which I do. Not as much as I could or should, but I don't do drugs or weigh 600 pounds or anything like that. So instead of thinking the worst and stressing out about it, I have decided to actually take the advice I was given and RELAX!

If the worst happens and I do have cancer *my biggest fear*, I'll deal with it then. me stressing out about it now, isn't going to make the cancer go away. If it's something less serious like, early menopause *cringes*, then I'll embrace it! Either way, me thinking about it non-stop and wondering what it could be and driving myself crazy by researching online, isn't going to change anything. It'll most likely, make it worse. I will just give it ALL to God and know that I can handle anything that's thrown in my path. I won't freak out over the slightest change in my body, I will just take a deep breath, shrug my shoulders and say "who knows". I will let the cards fall where they may. Like my smart husband has been telling me, RELAX!!!!

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