Aug 25, 2008

I was tagged...YAY!!!

Musings of A Beautiful Mess
That wonderful woman tagged me, thank you SO much!!!!

A. Attached or single? Attached..for 15 years...AWESOME!!!
B. Best friend? Rose..going on 11!

C. Cake or pie? Cake, German Chocolate..oh so sinful AND delicious
D. Day of choice? Sunday...lazy Sundays are THE best!
E. Essential item? Hair dryer..I know that makes me a "typical" girl, but I can not live without that thing! I'm a slave to it
F. Favorite color? Pink *sigh* I know..typical girl...
G. Gummy bears or worms? Bears! Chocolate covered gummy bears are amazingly and oddly delicious
H. Hometown? Lake Oswego, Oregon
I. Indulgence? Handbags...Preferably Coach
J. January or July? July, BBQ's, tanning weather, fireworks...NICE!
K. Kids? Two..11 year old girl and a 5 year old boy.
L. Life isn’t complete without? My family and friends.
M. Marriage date? One of these days....
N. Number of brothers & sisters?4 sisters and a brother.

O. Oranges or apples? Apples in the fall and oranges in the summer...yum
P. Phobias? Something awful happening to my children
Q. Quotes? "Rainbows and sunshine, bitches"
R. Reasons to smile? New adventures, like holding a HUGE snake the other awesome!
S. Season of choice? Fall
T. Tag seven peeps! I don't know who's been tagged and who hasn't been tagged. Please tag yourself if you haven't been tagged. Oh and let me know so I can read it!
U. Unknown fact about me? I've had Pelvic Inflammatory Disease twice and was asked if I got it from an STD and was VERY offended*Didn't have an STD*<----that's the best I could come up with...
V. Vegetable? Bell to slice em up and eat em "raw"
W. Worst habits? Getting too emotionally involved
X. X-ray or ultrasound? X-ray, I know how to use the machine!!!
Y. Your favorite food?Indonesian
Z. Zodiac sign? Sagittarius

4 friends have commented:

The Muser (aka Beautiful Mama) on August 25, 2008 at 11:33 PM said...

So glad to see that things are looking better for you this week. :) Fun meme, by the way. I'm not nearly energetic enough to do it, but I enjoyed reading yours!

Kristin on August 26, 2008 at 6:10 AM said...

I Love seeing answers to memes. Interesting answers.

MoxieMamaKC on August 27, 2008 at 12:19 PM said...

Snake adventures? You are brave! I love your Rainbows quote

Jenn on August 28, 2008 at 5:15 PM said...

I didn't know chocolate covered gummy bears existed! I'll have to try them.

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