Mar 30, 2009

Sock it To Me!!

Musings of A Beautiful Mess

Did you miss out on the fun of the Sock It to Me Exchange? If you did, there's still a way that you can participate. The 62 bloggers and blog readers who signed up for the exchange about a month ago were assigned sock buddies to send a special pair of socks. The second leg of the Sock It to Me is coming up next week. During Sock It to Me Week (SITM Week), which is April 6-13, each of the participants will post a picture of the socks they received along with a post about this community provides them warmth, comfort, and support...just like a pair of cozy socks.

If you missed out on the exchange, it's too late to send and receive a pair of socks, but you can still participate in Sock It to Me Week by putting up a post about how this community has been a source of support and "warm and fuzzies" for you.

Here is what all SITM Week participants, both old and new, need to do:

  1. The week of April 6-13 is Sock-It-to-Me Week. Post a picture of your socks (worn or not worn) with a link back to the blogger who sent them to you. The topic of your post should be about what the support of this community means to you and how it has helped and is helping you. It's a week for warm and fuzzies. Like ummm...the socks.
  2. When you post, go back to Kym's blog with a link to your post and Kym will keep a running list of the entries.
    ***If you missed out on the socks and are only putting up a post, please also come back with a link to your SITM post and you will be included on the list.
  3. On April 5, check back here to pick up your Sock It to Me participant award! Everyone who puts up a post gets a badge. Those who participated in the sock exchange part gets an Elite badge. Now don't you feel all special?

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Kymberli on March 30, 2009 at 5:47 PM said...

OMG I'm SO GLAD that you got your socks today! I was seriously spazzing over that!

Kymberli on March 30, 2009 at 5:48 PM said...

BTW - that blue screen that you mentioned is also known as the "blue screen of death." Mmmhhmmm, and soooo NOT pretty. LOL!

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