Nov 9, 2008

Heated Debates

Musings of A Beautiful Mess
The election caused a lot of people to talk about their own opinion. I'm always up for a good debate. Even if I know there is no point in my side of the debate. Meaning, I won't change the other person's mind. Which, of course, is fine. Just the spirit of the discussion can be fun. However, I do have a few rules when debating. Such as: I will NOT debate with you or have any type of controversial discussion with you when alcohol is involved. That's just asking for trouble. Also, if you're a simple minded ignorant asshole, I will not have a debate with you, either. I'm all for having a difference of opinion, but you do not get to thrown down the "N" bomb, nor do you get to tell me my views are wrong because I am a woman. That's just ignorance, not to mention insulting.

So, after reading this article, my friend and I started talking. I thought that this program was GREAT! There's an organization that will allow embryos to be put up for adoption in our small town. My friend totally disagreed with me! I was shocked because my friend is very pro-life! There is no wiggle room in her mind when it comes to this topic. We don't talk about it much because her and I have a difference of opinion and she gets very upset and emotional when we talk about it. So, it's just one of those things we agree to disagree on.

Her argument was that "there are children that need homes in our world, why can't people just adopt them?". To which I agree, but I tried to explain to her that it isn't that easy sometimes. I honestly, don't think she knew what she was talking about. I don't mean to say that as a snide remark, I say it because she said "so there's just babies kickin' in the lab?" "Ummm sweetie, they are frozen! They don't grow anymore because of that." Is what my reply was. I tried to keep it simple for her, not because I think she's dumb, but I honestly think she didn't understand! So her and I continued to talk and discuss and she got frustrated and we stopped talking about it.

My problem with how this discussion went was not our difference of opinions, but because I really think she got mad when I didn't see her view. I did my best to see where she was coming from and did my best to give her the facts of the article, but she just didn't "get it". I think her lifestyle has something to do with this. She's a single woman in her 20's who hasn't found herself, yet. She thinks she needs love to be happy and not lonely. She doesn't look at what she has around her and who is in her life and is just happy with that and herself.

I'm aware that her and I have different views on many things. I am ok with that, but I really want to talk about this with her again. I'm sure that's me glutton for punishment, but I want to understand where she is coming from. I want to know why she feels this isn't "right". I don't want to change her mind, although that would be awesome, I just want to understand. We'll see if I have the balls to open this can of worms with her. It could be fun, or it could go terrible wrong and we'll end up in a screaming match.

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That does sound like a really awesome program, but I don't think I could do it myself.

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