Nov 10, 2008

There is a light at the end of this dark tunnel...Part 2

Musings of A Beautiful Mess
When I went grocery shopping my friend and I did something for another friend of ours. We returned all their cans for them. We were joking and laughing and having a fun time. All was well. My position on having a good day and not stressing was going strong.

When we got back and I checked the mail and there was no check in there, I was frustrated again. Instead of letting it get to me, I just shrugged my shoulders and looked at Husband and asked "what can we do?" He got his paperwork out and called them. Turns out it took 8 days for it to get from Oregon to Idaho! The paperwork got held up in the mail. We didn't take into account everyone mailing in their ballots that week. It might have been a good idea to Fed-Ex it, but hindsight is 20/20, right? The good news is that it is in the payroll department and it IS being processed! Thank Goddess! The guy that Husband talked to said it should be here at the end of the week. So we're crossing our fingers and hoping that he was right. At least we have an answer and the paperwork did in fact get to them. there was a 20 day deadline on the paperwork. We would have gotten NOTHING if they hadn't received in within the 20 day time line.

Our house is a lot calmer tonight. The adults aren't as tense as they were before. The children aren't bouncing off the walls as much as they were before and my head isn't pounding.

Although my great plan of taking the children puddle jumping wasn't as fun as I had hoped. Nae wanted to walk across the creek on the rocks and Zilla thought he could follow her. He didn't take into account that she is 6 years older then him and her legs are a lot longer then his. So he fell in, got all wet and proceeded to cry the whole way home! I did my best not to get frustrated with*he is only 6* and reason with him that, that is exactly what I told him what was going to happen.

Other then that, the day has been blissfully stress-free! I will be so happy when we can move on and stop worry about that damn check. It's kinda gettin old....

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