Sep 15, 2008

I talked to the teacher...

Musings of A Beautiful Mess
After I picked up Zilla from school, I had a talk with his teacher. His primary teacher. I didn't want to go to anyone else. She is the one whom I requested when I registered Zilla for school, so I know she will give it to me straight. She and I have already talked about what to do at home with him to make him catch up with the others. She is the one who understands that "life happens" and we do our best to deal with the present time as best we can. She doesn't judge me, nor does she judge the choices I made with him. She is an amazing teacher!

I told her what happened on Friday and I also told her I don't know what was said. I wanted to deal with this from what was said to me. That way there was no "so and so said this". It was all fact. No hearsay. I asked her if there was anything that I am unaware of. Anything that has changed, since our last talk? She apologized for what the other teacher said and I thanked her for that. Nothing has changed. Nobody is going to come to my house and take away my son because I didn't teach him his ABC's. Sadly, yes, this was one of my worries. My head is less then rational when it comes to my children. Nor does he have any learning disabilities that we need to put him in special classes for. "He's just a young 5 year old" is what she told me...AGAIN. So I leave the meeting feeling SO much better. I can breathe again and hopefully, stop freaking out about it. As soon as I walked out that door, I felt a huge weight lift off my shoulders. I am, once again, feeling like I was feeling before I got this prime bit of info. Which is, ready to tackle the next step in Zilla's education. I still feel bad, but not as bad as I felt earlier today and yesterday.

As far as Ms. Loudmouth goes, the next time I am in a social setting with her *which I am praying won't be anytime soon* and she brings up Zilla, I'm going to say "can we please not talk about my children, unless we are at the school?" I'm sure she'll be offended, but god dammit, it is my right as his mother to not want to talk about him and more importantly have her not talk about him!

Now I am going to go for a run and get all this stress out of my body! I can't handle it anymore. it needs to be gone!

Thank you to everyone who left comments validating my concerns! I love it and appreciate it more!

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sara on September 16, 2008 at 4:45 AM said...

Sounds like you handled things very well and very calmly! I hope you had a good run, and thank you for all the encouragement. I hope you are having a great week :-)

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